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April 2014

Volume: 189
Edition: 4

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Creating a ‘sound’ hearing conservation program

The challenges of limiting noise exposure in the construction industry
OSHA requires employers to have a hearing conservation program for construction workers whose noise exposure exceeds 90 dBA – but does not provide specifics. Taking into account challenges such as a transient workforce and outdoor environments, what are the most important elements of a hearing conservation program for construction workers?
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‘Committed to Zero’

DuPont is the recipient of the 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award
DuPont is the recipient of the 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award, presented annually to an organization that demonstrates how its world-class performance in environmental, health and safety management is linked to its success as a business.
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Staying on track

Rail operations called on to examine behaviors that contribute to incidents
For the first time, the National Transportation Safety Board has placed mass transit operations on its “Most Wanted” list of safety improvements, as recent high-profile incidents spur questions about human behavioral factors and safety culture.
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‘Starvation diet’?

A report from a former Cal/OSHA employee claims the agency is understaffed – even though funding is available
The head of Cal/OSHA is denying a former employee’s allegations that the State Plan plays politics with funding – and that worker safety is being jeopardized.
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State Spotlight: OSHA Region 3

A region-by-region look at injury statistics

Safety+Health takes a region-by-region look at injury statistics, this month with OSHA Region 3. Read a listing of the region's emphasis programs and fatality and injury counts by state.

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