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May 2014 cover

May 2014

Volume: 189
Edition: 5

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Close quarters

The hazards of confined spaces
OSHA statistics show that approximately 90 workers die from confined space-related incidents every year. One expert says these incidents continue to occur because many workers and employers don't know what confined spaces actually are, the dangers that lurk inside, and the safeguards that need to be in place.
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Law and liability

A new study stirs up debate over New York state’s ‘Scaffold Law’
Could a law intended to help protect workers actually be putting them in danger? A recent study of New York state's "Scaffold Law" suggests as much, but the law's supporters are crying foul and say the study's methodology is flawed.
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Worker in hard hat

Job Outlook 2014

Students often find an environmental, health and safety major is the perfect mix of science and helping people – so why aren't more aware that EHS is a career option?
Seventy-five percent of respondents to Safety+Health's 2014 Job Outlook survey said environmental, health and safety was not their first career choice. Why aren't more students aware that EHS is a career option? Also: Veteran EHS pros talk about how they got their start.
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CSA: Three years in

Recent reports examine how the federal bus, truck rating system assigns safety scores
Is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Compliance, Safety, Accountability program as effective as the agency believes it is? Recent reports have come to conflicting conclusions.
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Too sick to work

Too sick to work?

Paid sick days may reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses, but economic concerns are preventing mandates in some states
Worker safety advocates say paid sick days result in healthier workplaces. Several states and municipalities are considering legislation that would require employers to provide paid sick time, and proponents say the movement will continue to grow.
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Letters to the Editor

This month: Readers weigh in on New York's "Scaffold Law" and mandatory hearing conservation programs in the construction industry.
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State Spotlight: OSHA Region 4

A region-by-region look at injury statistics
Safety+Health takes a region-by-region look at injury statistics, this month with OSHA Region 4. Read a listing of the region's emphasis programs and fatality and injury counts by state.
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