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August 2019 Safety+Health

August 2019

Volume: 200
Edition: 2

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Congress with frame

The National Safety Council 2019 Congress & Expo

Set to take place Sept. 6-12 in San Diego, the NSC 2019 Congress & Expo is the world’s largest annual event for environmental, health and safety professionals. Safety+Health offers an extensive preview, including a look at educational sessions, keynote speakers, networking opportunities, the “Best in Show” New Product Showcase Awards, and more.
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Working in the heat

Safety amid the swelter

Be vigilant to prevent heat-related illnesses, injuries
During the summer months, outdoor workers are at heightened risk of heat-related illnesses, ranging from mild heat rash to potentially deadly heatstroke. “It’s not like you just provide them water and that solves the problem,” one expert says. “It starts with an effective plan.”
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All About You by Richard Hawk

All About You: Live with passion

“It may sound odd, but we often lose our passion about an aspect of our work because we don’t remind ourselves of how much we like it,” says veteran safety pro turned professional speaker Richard Hawk, who shares tips for helping you develop and maintain passion for your career and your life.
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Speaker Spotlight

Speaker Spotlight: Beyond zero injuries

“Until leaders understand that there is a level of safety beyond zero, they will be stuck on the dreaded ‘hockey stick plateau’ in their safety performance,” says speaker Bill Sims Jr., who adds that many “fail to see the underlying ‘management system at risk’ behaviors that kill more people than worker behavior ever will.”
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My Story

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Safety+Health readers share how they got into the EHS field