Safety light curtain

The JANUS line of Category 4 light curtains allows the setting of each function to be easily performed via the main connector. The line offers incorporation of the main safety functions, including self-testing of the solid-state outputs, external device monitoring and “Start/Restart” interlock functions.
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The Class I, Division 1 Razor FSL is an ergonomically designed dual-beam flashlight. Its forward light has a high mode of 325 lumens and can run for up to seven hours.
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LED spotlight

The Spider Flex COB LED features a magnetic, flexible tripod base that can be mounted on any flat surface; attached to a metal surface; or wrapped around railings, posts or pipes.
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Rechargeable lantern

The newest member of the INTEGRITA series, the XPR-5584GMX Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Lantern generates 600 lumens and has a 13-hour runtime.
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Upgraded USB penlight

The upgraded Stylus Pro USB penlight features a slimmer, matte black body. Measuring only 5.95 inches long and weighing 1.8 ounces, the penlight’s micro USB port allows on-the-go charging of the lithium-ion battery in 2.5 hours.
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Rechargeable pistol-grip spotlight

The Waypoint 300 is a rechargeable high-lumen pistol-grip spotlight with enhanced down-range lighting capability. Featuring 270,000 candela, a 1,039-meter beam distance and 1,000 lumens on high, the spotlight’s powerful long-range targeting beam is portable and runs for 3.75 to 87 hours on high, medium and low, respectively.
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Aluminum stair nosing

Create safety on an individual step or an entire flight of stairs with 90-degree Aluminum Nosing, which combines photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark and anti-slip protection.
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Rechargeable area light

The Strion Switchblade is a compact and powerful 500-lumen area light with a double-sided light bar that rotates 180 degrees to offer three lighting modes: area lighting, color matching and ultraviolet lighting.
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Flood headlamp

The Vision Flood Headlamp uses a super bright Chip On Board emitter, while the KBS Vision Flood has one central flood beam with high and low mode.
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