The Zero-Band Headlamps line features models NSP-4608BC, XPP-5460GCX, XPP-5454GC, XPP-5452GC and XPP-5450GC. All five models are IP-X7-rated waterproof.
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Intrinsically safe right angle light

Featuring an exclusive 45-degree angle floodlight to illuminate your feet while walking, and then adding an industry-leading 90-degree adjustable sharp 200-lumen LED smoke-cutting beam, the INTRANT Class I Division 1 ATEX-approved Intrinsically Safe Right Angle Light provides safety in hazardous locations.
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Surface-mount LED lamps

Fusion GloLight Six-Inch Oval Multi-Function Surface-Mount LED Lamps not only employ GloLight optical technology, but also are available with a unique reflective safety bezel for commercial vehicles that need a higher level of conspicuity.
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LED inspection drop light

This water- and vapor-proof LED Inspection Drop Light is constructed and certified to prevent water or moisture from seeping into the handle or light head when used in wet locations.
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Lighting system

The Pelican 9455 Remote Area Lighting System is Class I Division 1-approved, allowing workers to go where flammable gases, vapors or liquids are present.
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