Warehouse safety



Interior roll-up door

The RR200 UltraSeal Interior Roll Up Door is ideal for applications in which space is limited. The door’s gravity-driven technology helps optimize production processes, while its patented bead design creates a superior seal that minimizes indoor dirt and contaminants.
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Safety gate

The Rack Supported Roly pallet-flow safety gate uses dual, counter-balanced gates to secure the ledge and keep employees out of the flow lanes while the lane is being replenished with pallets.
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Forklift safety sensor

Developed to help prevent incidents and discourage traffic around orbital wrappers in bustling facilities, Safety Scanners allow forklift drivers to safely operate the machine while automatically shutting it down when another worker gets too close.
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SCBA wall case

The All-Weather SCBA Wall Case Series is designed for the storage of wall-mounted self-contained breathing apparatus that need to withstand the harshest environmental and plant conditions.
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Work platform

FOUNDATION is a platform system designed to raise workers to ergonomic work heights while providing a safe and stable floor.
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Neck bander with clear safety door

The Pharmafill NB1 neck bander features a clear safety door to protect workers from contact with the operating mechanism and allow constant visual monitoring, while safeguarding the shrink bands and machine internals from contamination.
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Floor runner

The low-profile PIG Carpet Protection Floor Runner with Adhesive Backing is designed to protect carpet from dirt, stains and wear in high-traffic areas, keeping new carpet clean and extending the life of existing carpet.
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Floor tape bundle

PathFinder Crosswalks are easy-to-install premade walkway bundles designed to protect pedestrians from forklift, equipment and automation traffic.
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