Product Focus: Fall Protection

November 2015


Trends in ... fall protection

Promoting compliance
Fall protection compliance remains a problem across the country. At the 2015 National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Atlanta, OSHA’s Fall Protection Standard (1926.501) was named the agency’s most frequently cited standard – for the fifth year in a row. What are the main barriers to compliance? And what are fall protection manufacturers doing to help?
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Self-retracting lifeline

Featuring a choice of three connectors, the ManSafe Mini Self-Retracting Lifeline is built for use in every environment.
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Fall protection harness

The Miller AirCore Fall Protection Harness is designed with breathable, open-core padding technology to provide airflow while reducing heat and moisture entrapment.
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Self-retracting lifeline

The 2713 Chicago Series Self-Retracting Lifeline is available with galvanized steel cable or Dyneema webbing and is an excellent short-full range block offering lightweight handling, high-quality serviceability and exceptional performance.
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Skylight guard

SkyGuard provides bolt-together, non-penetrating protection for smoke hatches and venting skylights.
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Personal fall limiter

The Workman Mini Personal Fall Limiter’s internal fast-acting pawl-lock mechanism offers the most versatile, compact self-retracting device on the market, allowing for increased user safety at lower heights.
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