January 2016 Product Showcase

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Glove Guard LP

Reduce suit-up time while increasing wrist and hand mobility with the Glove Rings® Accessory! Made from strong flexible plastic, they provide a firm surface for taping that makes a better and more-consistent seal. Perfect for rain gear, hydro-blasting, industrial cleaning, hazmat, raingear, asbestos abatement and much more!

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The 5.3-Ounce Fabric is the lightest solution-dyed FR fabric on the market with a CAT 2 protection rating. Every ounce of weight and every ounce of protection can make all the difference when a flash fire or arc flash occurs. The 5.3-Ounce Fabric minimizes second- and third-degree burn risk and increases a worker’s chance of survival.

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The ability to be proactive when it comes to incidents within the EHS industry plays a major part in an organization’s overall safety. Uncover the best practices of risk management for EHS systems and learn the benefits of implementing risk management in EHS organizations today.

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BullEx's revolutionary training tools, BullsEye and R.A.C.E. Station, give your trainees all the skills they need to make quick decisions in an emergency and extinguish incipient-stage fires. Digital flames, smoke and sound effects add realism to your hands-on training. There has never been a better time to invest in clean, safe extinguisher training for your company.

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Banom's new cut-resistant yarn, Dynamax® HD, is an ultra-high, tensile-strength continuous-filament yarn that protects against sheet metal and machined metal edges (featured here in the MetalMaster™ Glove).

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