Seasonal safety: Spring


Working safely with cement

From homes and workplaces to sidewalks and playgrounds, cement is everywhere. According to the Portland Cement Association, cement is one of the safest building materials available – when precautions are observed.
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Avoiding dog bites

Man’s best friend can be an occupational hazard for outdoor workers
Outdoor workers occasionally encounter animals when they’re on the job. The Humane Society and U.S. Postal Service provide guidelines on how to avoid dog attacks and bites.
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Preparing employees for emergency situations

Do your employees know what to do in the event of a fire or a tornado? What about a nearby chemical spill or a gunman in the building?, a FEMA website aimed at educating people about preparing and responding to emergencies, urges all employers to train workers on evacuation, sheltering and lockdown procedures.
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Keep safety in mind when working outdoors

Tips to help workers avoid venomous snakes, poisonous plants and insects that sting
Outdoor workers can be exposed to various hazards – including poisonous plants, stinging insects and venomous snakes – that can cause health problems ranging from slight discomfort to a serious allergic reaction. Experts offer advice on to help keep these workers safe.
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