Product Focus: Women's PPE

October 2016


Trends in ... women's PPE

Outfitting the entire workforce

Historically, PPE has been designed with a man’s body size and shape in mind. But when Safety+Health reached out to the International Safety Equipment Association regarding progress on designing personal protective equipment for women, manufacturers’ representatives were quick to respond.

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Safety shoe

The Jetstream Athletic Shoe has a CarbonMAX nanotechnology safety toe that provides heavyweight protection while feeling so light and comfortable that you forget you’re wearing a safety toe.
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Work boot

The Southern Cross Pink Boot, designed for women, features a higher arch, shorter ankle length and smaller instep.
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Protective eyewear

GirlzGear safety products, tailored for women, include StarLite SM and Scorpion SM safety glasses – popular styles that are 10 percent smaller to better fit the female profile.
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Welding helmet

To acknowledge the unique contributions made daily by female welders, 3M has designed the Speedglas 100 Series Graphic Welding Helmets – Women’s Collection.
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