Rigging plan app

Rigging Designer, a new app-based tool, gives workers in industries including construction, manufacturing, energy, utilities, shipping and logistics the ability to design a 3D rigging plan.
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Workplace safety mobile app

This mobile app allows users to access safety resources and correspond with supervisors and co-workers in real time. Users can report safety concerns, report incidents, track safety-related data, and consult information on hazard identification and safety checklists.
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Spill detection system

SpillDetect is a low-bandwidth, artificial intelligence-driven, software-only solution designed to mitigate the risk of slip-induced incidents. Built on existing closed-circuit TV networks, SpillDetect improves safety and customer experience by providing real-time alerts that facilitate the rapid cleanup of spill events.
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Employee health information solution

Employee Health is a solution that allows users to assign, collect and document the results of workers’ required screenings and tests. It also allows for monitor testing; screening; and vaccination metrics, such as rate of compliance.
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Enhanced mobile technology

The latest round of updates to the REACT cloud-based site protection platform includes an audio recording feature. This allows users in the construction industry to quickly send an alert verbally and share information about an emergency, such as fire or water risk, concern about a lone worker, or need for medical support.
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Autonomous mobile robot

Equipped with Bosch Rexroth’s ROKIT Locator Software, the MP1000R is compact in size with a zero turning radius. It’s able to navigate autonomously in highly dynamic environments without additional infrastructure.
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Compliance network

This website gives access to top-notch regulatory knowledge and consultations with experts. Free features are available to all visitors, but a professional membership unlocks even more information, including regulatory news, compliance resources and the Institute for Learning & Professional Development.
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Office ergonomics software

Designed to help address and reduce musculoskeletal injuries for both remote and in-office employees, the Office Ergonomics Essentials solution offers tools to help assess and manage risks related to poorly designed workstations.
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