Emergency communications software

The Global Threat Intelligence solution is designed to help employers identify threats happening near their people, assets and locations in real time. Users receive analyst-vetted intelligence for emergent events that could put employees at risk.
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EHS software enhancement

SDS Manager is a new capability in the KPA EHS software platform. It provides clients with access to more than 70 million Safety Data Sheets using a user-friendly interface.
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ESG software

ESG Solution software streamlines data collection and reporting to help organizations efficiently plan, build and optimize their environmental, social and governance programs, as well as develop successful and sustainable business strategies.
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Occupational health tools

Occupational health tools to support industrial hygiene and ergonomics initiatives have been added to a growing suite of web-based and mobile solutions for environment, health and safety professionals.
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Software update

KPA’s environmental, health and safety software platform now features a configurable safety data reporting system and accompanying dashboards. With this new capability, software users will be able to create dashboards that give a complete and accurate picture of what’s happening in their organization and improve their ability to monitor, analyze and take action to reduce the risk of safety incidents.
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Vaccination management system

The Vaccination Management solution can help employers manage worker vaccination status, enabling the collection, validation and reporting of employee vaccinations. Employees can complete vaccination disclosures and submit proof of vaccination status or COVID-19 test results from any device.
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Heavy construction safety and training app

aQuiRe is a fully customizable online training platform that allows safety pros in the heavy construction industry to assign training based on a worker’s job function. Workers can complete the training on their smart device. aQuiRe houses more than 300 different training modules and can incorporate training videos a company already owns into a restricted library.
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Lone worker mobile app

SHEQSY’s lone worker app (for iOS/Android) helps safeguard employees with shift and activity timers, customizable check-in intervals, overtime alerts, and duress alarm activation. Employees can add location notes, complete pre-start forms, and report hazards and incidents.
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High-speed, high-resolution camera analysis

Mikrotron provides a full range of high-end imaging solutions for challenging applications in industry, engineering, science and sports. For instance, researchers studying fall arrest systems recently used a Mikrotron Cube 7 MotionBLITZ EoSens camera to investigate the effectiveness of different system designs.
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EHS solutions

Environmental, health and safety professionals have more solutions available to them with four new online safety and risk management tools: a Job Safety Analysis framework, a chemical management tool to help with inventory and compliance, a lockout/tagout tool to manage and communicate all LOTO safety procedures, and a safety meeting scheduler and tracker.
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