Head and Face Protection

September 2019


Trends in ... head/face protection

Find PPE that ‘goes the extra mile’
Compliance is key to head and face protection, says Todd Conn, director of new market development at Grand Rapids, MI-based HexArmor. “Look for [personal protective equipment] that goes the extra mile to make their protection secure and comfortable enough to wear so it doesn’t get in the way of an employee doing their job,” he said. “The best PPE is the PPE that the worker does not notice.”
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Hard hat

The North Zone Hard Hat has a sleek, modern shell combined with a patented suspension design featuring multiple adjustment points for size, height and snugness.
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Welding helmet

Jackson Safety Brands’ 46101 HLX-100 Welding Helmet with Insight Variable ADF-Stars and Scars features a 9.3-square-inch viewing area, variable shade 9-13, sensitivity and delay adjustments, and meets ANSI Z87.1 2010 standards.
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Full-brim hard hat

The Serpent Safety Helmet family now includes a full-brim version. The product extension features a wraparound brim to provide 360-degree sun and rain protection.
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Lightweight hard hat

Built with a lightweight, flexible, airy, four-point suspension, Skullerz Hard Hats provide improved balance, ventilation and fit for all-day comfort.
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