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Highway death toll signs may cause more crashes

Have you seen those highway message boards that display crash death totals? A recent study of some in one state found that more vehicle crashes occurred within a few miles of the signage, suggesting that the “in-your-face” approach may be a distraction to drivers.
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The more you know: tea tree oil

Essential oils continue to grow in popularity, with many people believing they’re a natural solution for common illnesses. “Unfortunately,” the National Capital Poison Center says, “sometimes ‘natural’ is confused with ‘nontoxic’ or ‘nonpoisonous.’”
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Ready to kick the habit?

Quitting smoking can be hard. The more you smoke, the Mayo Clinic says, the more nicotine your body craves to feel good. The clinic offers 10 things you can do to help fight cigarette cravings and kick the habit.
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