Springtime safety for pets

With warmer temperatures and the return of plentiful daylight, spring is a welcome change from winter. But it also presents hazards for your pets. To help them stay safe, keep in mind these tips from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
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Time to scoot?

Make sure kids take safety along for the ride
Recent data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission shows that ER visits related to e-scooters climbed to 25,400 in 2020. That’s a 229.9% jump from 2017, when 7,700 were reported.
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Opioid misuse: Help is available

Opioid use disorder is defined by Johns Hopkins Medicine as a medical condition in which you’re unable to abstain from using opioids, and behaviors centered around opioid use that interfere with daily life.
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Sharing the road with snowplows

Advice for safe driving
When snowy or icy conditions make driving difficult, we count on state and municipal snowplow crews to help make the roads safer. But all drivers need to do their part to share the road safely when snowplows are doing their work.
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