Get grilling

But make sure you do it safely. Here’s how.
Hosting a celebration as the weather gets warmer? For many people, grilling is a big part of the fun. Whether you’re cooking with propane or briquettes, safety is a must. Experts shared with FS&H some tips for keeping your grilling experience a safe one.
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What’s OK for young kids to drink?

As your baby grows, you’ll start introducing new flavors to them. But when it comes to drinks, it can be difficult to know what’s healthy and what’s not for young kids – especially if you’re a new parent.
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Binge drinking during sporting events and holidays may trigger A-fib

San Francisco — Chicken wings and chili aren’t the only potential overindulgences to be careful about on Super Bowl Sunday. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, are warning that excessive alcohol consumption during major sporting events and holidays may increase your risk of an episode of atrial fibrillation – an abnormal heart rhythm that can trigger serious health problems.
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Don’t be sidelined by foodborne illness on Super Bowl Sunday

Washington — Millions of fans will gather around their TVs on Feb. 13 for Super Bowl LVI – and chances are good they’ll indulge in a culinary spread fit for football’s biggest game of the season. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture is reminding hosts that guests could get sacked with a foodborne illness if proper safety precautions aren’t taken.
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crock pot

Slow cooker food safety

Do you love the idea of a hot, comforting meal that’s easy to prepare? A slow cooker might be right for you. But before you try out recipes, let’s go over some basics about slow cooker food safety.
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