Eye/Face Protection

September 2023



Blue light glasses

Uvex Avatar glasses can protect against extended blue light exposure to help prevent headaches, eye fatigue, mood changes, and insomnia or other sleep disruptions.
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Face protection

BOLT eye visors and full-face shields are designed with a wide range of face shapes in mind to provide users with the best fit and needed jobsite protection.
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Safety eyewear

Thraxus Elite features three position-ratcheting temples with a wire core to allow for extra adjustability, while a soft brow augments the wearer’s comfort level. The eyewear is available with or without IQuity – the organization’s anti-scratch, anti-fog technology.
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Safety glasses

Whipray model glasses with green mirror frames provide comfort and can bend under pressure, resulting in a contoured fit for all-day use. The lenses offer superior coverage and crisp visual acuity while protecting against UV rays.
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Safety eyewear

The ULTIM8 hybrid model provides the comfort of spectacles with the resistance of a protective mask. The eyewear has a sealed bi-material frame and is assembled with a glasses/goggles conversion kit.
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Welding helmets

Delivering advanced, high-definition optics with ClearLight 2.0 Lens Technology and high-definition view technology, the T94 Series of welding helmets offers better visibility.
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Environmentally friendly eyewear

The I-Form Intensity collection provides eco-conscious eyewear for the conditions your employees encounter. Materials are derived entirely from GRS-certified renewable resources and conscientious manufacturing methods.
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