Leading indicators

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Select leading indicators to help measure safety
Experts say understanding how to select and use leading indicators can create a stronger safety culture. Safety+Health explores six leading indicators – as well as why the definition of a leading indicator is still under debate.
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Voluntary Protection Program

OSHA’s VPP controls are insufficient: report

Washington – OSHA lacks sufficient controls to ensure worksites in the Voluntary Protection Programs maintain “exemplary occupational safety and health systems,” according to a Dec. 16 report from the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General.
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2013 OSHA's Top 10
OSHA's Top 10: Present and past

OSHA's Top 10: Present and past

OSHA’s most cited violations and largest penalties for FY 2013 – plus a look at data from previous years
This year’s presentation of the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA violations includes some comparisons with data from previous years.
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