Worker health and wellness


Study examines financial impact of MSDs on workers

Rosemont, IL – Medical treatment that restores physical function, such as knee and hip surgery, may help ease the monetary burdens of musculoskeletal disorders on American society, according to a study the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
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Weighing down safety

Small workplace changes can make a big difference in combating worker obesity
Obese and severely obese workers tend to have more frequent and costlier injuries than normal-weight workers, but part of the responsibility rests on U.S. workplaces. S+H explores simple, inexpensive workplace changes companies can make to encourage workers to maintain a healthier weight.
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Getting well

In an effort to combat rising health care costs, employers are increasingly turning to wellness programs to target the factors most commonly associated with costly workers' compensation and medical claims.
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Take a stand

Researchers target sedentary behavior in the workplace
Desk jobs might be considered safe by the general public, but a growing body of research suggests that all that time spent sitting – in front of a computer, in meetings, even driving to and from work – may be harmful to your health. Experts are targeting workplace behavior and design to help reduce sitting time.
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Stress in the workplace

Keeping stress in check could create a healthier – and safer – workforce
Research has shown a connection between high levels of workplace stress and chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. High levels of stress also may make workers more susceptible to injuries and incidents.
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