Product Focus: Head/face protection

October 2013


Trends in ... head and face protection

‘A sense of shared accountability’
Head and face protection cover critical areas of the body. To ensure workers wear personal protective equipment, the products should be comfortable, functional and able to be worn throughout the day, according to Aubrey Collier, product manager, industrial head and face protection, for Cynthiana, KY-based Bullard.
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Miller -- PF Oct 2013

Welding helmet with flip-up panel

Classic VSi is a variable shade (shades 8-13) auto-darkening welding helmet with a flip-up panel that exposes a clear grinding shield that provides 180 degrees of vision.
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PIP -- PF Oct 2013

Full brim hard hats

The JSP Full Brim line of hard hats helps protect a worker’s neck and ears from the sun’s UV rays.
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Bullard -- PF Oct 2013

Hard hat with optional visor

Designed with a wide profile and brim, the Classic C30R Hard Hat provides enhanced ventilation, increased protection from the elements and greater comfort for outdoor workers.
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Radians-- PF Oct 2013

Bump cap

To protect against head bumps and lacerations, the Diamond Bump Cap comes with a four-point molded suspension and adjustable headband.
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Gateway -- PF Oct 2013

Safety helmet

The Serpent Safety Helmet offers wearers features such as a rotating ratchet adjustment system (pin-lock also available); an eight-point, six-strap suspension for extreme comfort and impact resistance; and a soft cloth brow pad.
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3M -- PF Oct 2013

Full brim hard hat

The H-800 Series Full Brim Hard Hat features an innovative design that offers full-brim protection and a smooth ratchet suspension.
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