Product Focus: Plant safety

December 2013


NMC PF Dec13

Emergency-products caddy

The Jobsite Caddy is an all-inclusive station that combines fire safety, spill response and emergency information.
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Brady PF Dec13

Lockout/tagout software

LINK360 Desktop Software is designed to replace Brady’s current LockoutPro software. This software lets environmental, health, and safety and facility managers create lockout/tagout procedures using short or long forms.
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K-Sun PF Dec13

Label printer

The PipeMarker V8 is a new software program for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 that features the K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL, a 300-dpi, wide-format thermal transfer printer.
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Nu-Star-Inc PF Dec13

Dual-motor load pusher

Power Pusher has expanded the capabilities of its durable Super Power Pusher with a dual-motor model capable of moving up to 250,000 pounds for enhanced productivity that simultaneously reduces safety risks.
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