Fall protection



Retractable tool tether

The RT4-5602 retractable tool tether is designed for workers whose tasks go from requiring a single tool to needing multiple tools. The tether’s patented Quick-Connect tool interchangeability allows workers to attach additional lanyards with female fittings to all tools needed for the project.

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Rope personnel winch

The 60-inch Technora Rope Personnel Winch is designed for safely entering and exiting confined spaces. Technora rope features higher temperature resistance, lower electrical conductivity and interference properties, no corrosion, excellent cut resistance, lower stretch, and superior dynamic load handling.

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Full-body harness

The Checkmate Xplorer Industrial Full Body Harness – designed to be more comfortable than conventional harnesses during suspension and frequent loading – features visual-alert stitching, an intuitive way for the user to understand the correct way to wear the harness.
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The Traverse T1246X Telehandler is the only telehandler product line on the market with a traversing boom carriage with capability to move loads by traveling horizontally.
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High-heat harness

The Werner H913001 Welding High Heat Harness is specifically designed for welding applications that have potential exposure to welding spatter.
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Arc flash harness

The Blue Armor Arc Flash Harness is a durable fall protection harness specifically designed for workers who may be exposed to an electric arc.
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Personal fall limiter

The Honeywell Miller Turbolite Flash Personal Fall Limiter is a self-retracting lifeline to protect at-height workers against hazards in electrical utility, arc flash and hot work applications.
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Tool tethering kit

The Squids 3183 Carpenter and Laborer Tool Tethering Kit contains attachment and lanyard solutions specifically for tools commonly used by carpenters and laborers working at height.
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Entering the 12,000-pound capacity market, the Traverse T1258X Telehandler is the industry’s only telehandler product line with a traversing boom carriage that can move loads while traveling horizontally.
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