Hand protection



Thermal impact glove

The FlexTech I2449T, an ANSI Cut Level 3 thermal palm-dipped impact glove, is designed for cold environments in oil and gas, mining, and heavy construction.
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Protective gloves

Brass Knuckle SmartShell BKCR4499 Gloves are made with machine-knit, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shells that offer ANSI Cut Level 4 protection.
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Single-use glove

Made of a nitrile polymer with an innovative texture treatment, single-use TouchNTuff 93-250 Gloves are proven to deliver a significant improvement in grip for wet and oily objects, compared with standard nitrile gloves.
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Thermal impact glove

T-REX TRX545W Thermal Impact Gloves are designed to keep hands warm while offering flexibility, impact protection and ANSI Cut Level 4 resistance.
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Emergency safety glove

The FR Emergency Gas Glove is designed specifically for gas utility workers who are faced with emergency “live leak” work environments.
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Liquid membrane

LiquiCell is a unique liquid membrane assembly that can be incorporated into most glove designs.
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Palm dip glove

The FlexTech Y9216 Palm Dip Glove is an ANSI Cut Level 5 glove that offers superior protection in industries such as metal fabrication, metal handling, metal stamping, automotive manufacturing, recycling and salvage, and HVAC.
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Work gloves

CrudeHands Smartskin Impact Gloves are ideal for superior impact protection and feature D3O SmartSkin material.
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Goatskin welding glove

The GM1510-WT Ultra-Soft Goatskin MIG Welding Glove is designed to reduce fatigue and provide better gun control, while the lined cowhide back offers heat protection and durability.
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High-visibility gloves

Memphis Orange Kevlar 9178NFO Gloves feature patented DuPont Kevlar-engineered yarn and ANSI Level 4 cut protection.
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