Hand protection



Nitrile glove

The StarMed Plus Nitrile Examination Glove is the latest addition to the StarMed family.
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Glove and utility clip

The Breakaway Tiger Glove and Utility Clip effectively secures gloves and personal protective equipment accessories to tool belts, vehicles or workstations while offering a simple one-hand release and reconnecting breakaway option with a clip attachment or optional carabiner.
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Hand cleaners

KrestoGT Heavy-Duty Automotive Hand Cleansers, engineered exclusively for automotive professionals, effectively remove heavy grease, grime, oil, adhesives, tar and paint, yet are easy on the hands.
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High-impact glove

Southern Glove has added a dual layer of protection to the 2015 model of its Sarco Impact Glove, the original high-impact glove designed for drilling and mining.
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Cut-resistant glove

DuPont Protection Technologies and MCR Safety recently launched the Memphis Orange with Kevlar Cut-Resistant Glove.
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Dipped gloves

Revco Industries has updated its AccuFlex line of dipped gloves and added a cut-resistant option: the GR4130-CH.
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Insulated work glove

The Rig Lizard Arctic Leather Palm 2033 features a C100 Thinsulate interior liner to keep hands warm and a waterproof H2X barrier (interior liner) that meets ASTM F1670/F1671 for bloodborne pathogen resistance and fluid-borne viral resistance.
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Cut-resistant work glove

The CutMaster Aramax XT AX5100 is a seamless machine-knit glove that combines the highest level of cut protection with a crinkle latex palm coating for outstanding grip.
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Cold weather mitt

The Arctic Mitt 4050 is designed for bitter temperatures. It shields hands from the harsh effects of cold weather while keeping them safe from cuts and punctures.
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