Industrial hygiene



Disinfecting lamp

Uvio is a UVC germicidal disinfecting lamp that mounts to the top of any computer monitor. The light shines onto the desktop for two hours every night to disinfect the keyboard, mouse and primary work area so they’re sanitized and virus-free for the next day’s use.
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Portable HEPA air filter

The AF501 portable HEPA air filter is a compact, efficient unit that delivers air scrubbing/negative pressure air movement capabilities, as well as outstanding air filtration.
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Spill cleanup sock

The Pig Static-Dissipative Absorbent Sock makes cleaning up volatile organic spills safer and reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge – a critical precaution around flammable liquids and vapors.
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Vacuum pump exhaust filters

MV Oil Mist Eliminators fit onto the exhaust of a vacuum pump to create a cleaner and safer environment in small production and assembly areas.
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