Office safety

These tips from Safety+Health magazine make a good starting point for safety committee talks, "safety moments" or safety tip of the day for your intranet.


Stand up against ergo injuries

Equipment such as adjustable chairs and ergonomic mouse pads can help prevent strain among workers sitting at a desk. But workers required to stand for long periods of time are subject to strain injuries that cannot be prevented with such equipment.
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Safe on the home front

Protecting the health and safety of teleworkers
In December 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Telework Enhancement Act, which required government agencies to establish a policy on working outside the office and identify which employees would be eligible to do so. The act also required government agencies to incorporate a telework program into their emergency plans for natural disasters or other emergencies.
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Protect your eyes from the computer

Computer vision syndrome, a condition with symptoms including headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision, can occur in any work environment that requires extended periods of time looking at a computer monitor.
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Watch your step

One of the most common accidents in office settings is falls. Employees are 2.5 times more likely to suffer a disabling fall in an office setting than anywhere else
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