Hearing protection



Earplug fit-test software update

Earplug fit-test software VeriPRO 4.0 has been updated. Using a simple test administered under headphones, VeriPRO helps employers determine proper fit and aids in the selection of hearing protection.
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Electronic hearing protection

Universal-fit MiniCanal units use state-of-the-art digital technology to effectively suppress loud sounds while providing situational awareness for important ambient sounds, including conversation.
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Special acoustic filters in WorkSafe Earplugs provide extremely heavy absorption that stops all harmful noise.
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App for noise monitoring

The doseBadge5 Personal Dosimeter now features enhanced wireless technology to allow the instrument to communicate remotely with the doseBadge5 Wand and the dBLink App.
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Wireless headset

Powered by DECT7 wireless technology, the Apex 3-Series Wireless Headset with Advanced Hearing Protection connects team members in full-duplex conversation, similar to a conference call.
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Intrinsically safe personal noise dosimeter

The dBadge2 Personal Noise Dosimeter has gained intrinsic safety certification for use in industries that operate in highly explosive environments, including oil and gas, chemical, and other sectors.
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Push-in foam earplugs

TrustFit Pod Push-In Foam Earplugs provide workers with properly fitting earplugs to protect against noise-induced hearing loss.
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Hearing conservation app

Honeywell’s Howard Leight Hearing Conservation Toolbox Mobile Application for iPad is an easily accessible point-of-use resource of interactive tools and educational materials for safety managers to use in support of workplace hearing safety programs.
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The HEAROS SoftStar EZ Twist Series of earplugs reduces the risk of ear infection dramatically and establishes the most hygienic fitting because the user never touches the foam pod.
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