App for gas detection

The OELD App allows workers to use a smart device to configure and maintain the OELD smart junction box, the Searchpoint Optima Plus point infrared gas detector and the Searchline Excel connected to it.
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Wall-mount particle/mass monitor

The PC-5000 Series Wall-Mount Particle/Mass Monitor is a branded six-channel particulate meter that optionally incorporates sensors for additional environmental parameters such as total volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity.
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Infrared gas detector

Fast-response options are now available for the PointWatch Eclipse PIRECL Infrared Gas Detector, a SIL 2-capable infrared-point gas detector that identifies methane, propane, ethylene, butane and other combustible hydrocarbon gases.
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Nanoparticle counter

The DiSCmini is the smallest handheld instrument for the measurement of nanoparticles. It measures particle number, average particle diameter and lung-deposited surface area with time resolution and logging at one second (1 Hz).
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