Work-alone device

Replacing the Loner SMD, the employee-worn Loner M6 Work-Alone Device features a combination of automatic and manually triggered safety features that initiate the emergency response process.
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Gas monitor

The RPB GX4T is an intelligent gas monitor that can detect up to four gases simultaneously, ensuring the air workers breathe is safe.
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Personal noise dosimeter

The Casella dBadge2, designed for use in explosive environments, is certified intrinsically safe – it will not ignite an explosion even under faulty conditions.
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Gas detection app

The ALTAIR Connect App is now available on Google Play for tablets or smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher.
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Mobile inspections app

The Safety-Reports Mobile Inspection App lets users analyze inspection data and safety observations for multiple users.
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Combustion analysis app

Now available in the Google Play store, the E Instruments Combustion Analyzer App allows users to pair an analyzer with a compatible Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to remotely display data on a device, remotely save an analysis on the instrument, and generate reports (.csv, .pdf, or .xml format) to send by email from the device.
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Multi-gas detector

The ALTAIR 5X Multi-gas Detector, for simultaneous detection of up to six gases, offers a new photo-ionization detection sensor option.
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Portable atmospheric monitor

The G460 Portable Atmospheric Monitor offers up to six gas capabilities, including infrared for the detection of CO2 and photo-ionization detection for volatile organic compounds.
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