Sleep warning alarm

The intelliDoze is a rechargeable sleep warning alarm that beeps, vibrates or does both to help you arrive safely.
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Fever alert thermal imaging system

The HSI4000M Fever Alert System screens groups of people and identifies individuals with elevated body temperatures – a potential indication of fever associated with many communicable diseases, including the Ebola virus.
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Gas analyzer

The newly expanded RAPIDOX series of gas analyzers still feature an extremely wide measurement range for oxygen but have been redesigned to be lighter and allow analysis as a dual channel for other specialized gases – including carbon monoxide or nitrous oxide in large percentage volumes.
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Photoacoustic infrared gas monitor

The Chemgard Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitor with IR sensing technology provides precise, low-cost, high-performance monitoring for 100 different industrial gases.
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Ammonia detector

This detector measures ultra-high ammonia concentrations – from 10,000 to 1 million ppm (saturated) – and provides extreme accuracy, excellent repeatability and an operating life measured in decades.
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Noise dosimeter

The CEL-350 dBadge Micro Noise Dosimeter is a compact safety tool designed to measure the noise exposure of an employee over the workday to uncover dangerous areas and ensure compliance with strict OSHA, NIOSH or ISO regulations.
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Backup camera system

The Heated Backup Camera System with a color 7-inch waterproof multi-view LCD monitor for indoor and outdoor forklifts features a high-resolution, ultra-sharp digital display and LED-backlit panel.
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Four-gas monitor

The GasAlertMicroClip XL is a portable four-gas monitor that simultaneously detects oxygen, combustible gases at the lower explosive limit, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.
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