Head/face protection



Welding helmet

The SparxLift Welding Helmet is designed for use with the EVA Powered Air-Purifying Respirator.
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Hard hat customization app

“Build Your Own Hat” is a web-based application that enables customers and distributors to fully customize Fibre-Metal and North brand hard hats and safety caps.
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Sun hat

The Quick Shade Deluxe Floppy sun hat features built-in relaxed fabric and an adjustable SunThing scarf that can be pulled down and worn as a highly breathable neckshade (double layered for UPF 50), neck-up or facemask (both single layer for UPF 25).
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Protective cap

V-Gard Protective Caps feature polyethylene shells and self-adjusting crown straps to provide comfortable, lightweight protection.
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Goggle clip

The Goggle Guard clip is a fast and convenient way to keep safety goggles secure on a hard hat.
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Safety light

The Halo Light, designed specifically for a hard hat, lights an entire task area without adjustment and illuminates a worker in all directions.
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Bump cap

For applications that do not require a hard hat but still have overhead hazards, the Skullerz 8950 Bump Cap features a removable impact-resistant ABS plastic shell, thermo-formed foam cushioning and unique flanged shell design for a comfortable fit and air flow.
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Lincoln-Electric -- NP jan14

Auto-darkening welding helmet

The lightweight VIKING 1740 Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet offers a variety of features designed to reduce the cost of ownership while providing protection.
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