Knee pads

For workers in construction, roofing, masonry and other demanding jobs, two new levels of knee protection are available to reduce injury risk and minimize joint fatigue.
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Folding table risers

Workers who use folding tables in a standing capacity may spend their days crouching, which can cause back pain and neck strain. Lift Your Table folding table risers lift the height of folding tables from seated height to counter height, bar height or higher.
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Crane outrigger pads

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads have been designed with ergonomics in mind. Engineered thermoplastic SafetyTech Outrigger Pads aren’t porous, they won’t absorb water or any chemicals, and they won’t splinter or break under stress.
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Puller accessory

Pull Assist gives workers the option to make their pull hands-free and consistent. This allows users to stay out of the danger zone while increasing productivity and decreasing strain and fatigue. Use a built-in pendant to maintain total control and feather the rope by fine-tuning the tailing force in real time.
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Cart mover

With a 20,000-pound capacity, the CartMover XR features an enhanced ergonomic design that increases worker safety; a 4-inch lift range that allows for moving carts over a greater range of surfaces; an easy-to-change, long-life, modular LiFePO4 battery; and onboard analytics for monitoring performance and use.
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Knee pads

ProFlex 435 Comfort Hinged Hard Cap Gel Knee Pads take 335 gel knee pads and add Comfort Hinge technology.
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Hand truck

Model 10HT-4W is a four-wheel hand truck designed to handle all rimmed steel, fiber and plastic drums weighing up to 1,000 pounds.
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