Cart mover

With a 20,000-pound capacity, the CartMover XR features an enhanced ergonomic design that increases worker safety; a 4-inch lift range that allows for moving carts over a greater range of surfaces; an easy-to-change, long-life, modular LiFePO4 battery; and onboard analytics for monitoring performance and use.
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Knee pads

ProFlex 435 Comfort Hinged Hard Cap Gel Knee Pads take 335 gel knee pads and add Comfort Hinge technology.
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Hand truck

Model 10HT-4W is a four-wheel hand truck designed to handle all rimmed steel, fiber and plastic drums weighing up to 1,000 pounds.
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Sit-stand desk

The Freedom Lift Sit-Stand Desk effortlessly transforms your existing workspace into a personalized sit-stand desk, enabling the user to achieve long-lasting health benefits.
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Ergonomic laundry carts

Ergonomic spring-loaded laundry carts offer a choice of heavy- and light-duty springs to accommodate a variety of different loads without overbuying or underspecifying.
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