Pan tilters

Zero Pan Tilters can be loaded or unloaded at ground level, eliminating the need for a forklift while improving ergonomics and eliminating the bending, lifting and inherent injuries associated with them.
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Material handler

The compact, battery-powered CartMover is a material handler ideal for moving items on casters or wheels (up to 20,000 pounds).
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Ergonomic laundry cart

Bulk Linen Carts in the PSL Series feature dual, recessed safety handles that are permanently roto-molded into the cart to maximize energy transfer and promote efficient, ergonomic movement that reduces strain on workers.
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Electric wheelbarrow

Power Pusher’s E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow allows construction operators to transport heavy loads with ease and eliminates the unnecessary ergonomic challenges and production stoppages associated with traditional wheelbarrow solutions.
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Height-adjusting carts

Auto-Hite Automatic Height-Adjusting Carts are an ergonomic solution to many material handling and assembly applications.
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Standing work desk

The GeekDesk is a fully automated sit-and-stand desk that can change position at the touch of a button.
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Transport carts

Drip Carts do exactly what their name implies – they are mobile spill and drip containment solutions.
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Kneeling pad

The ProFlex Kneeling Pad Line recently expanded to include the ProFlex 375 Orange Compact Kneeling Pad.
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