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MSHA launches ‘walk and talk’ safety initiative

Arlington, VA – Mine Safety and Health Administration inspectors will be visiting mines to conduct “walk and talks” with miners and mine operators, the agency has announced.

The initiative was spurred by a recent increase in mining deaths. According to a May 28 MSHA press release, 20 miners, including six supervisors, have died in metal and non-metal mining incidents since October 2013.

The walk and talks are intended to increase awareness of these recent deaths, encourage the application of safety training and raise hazard recognition. Discussion topics will include task training, mine examinations, mining death causes and best practices to prevent mine incidents. Inspectors also will be looking for conditions in mines similar to those that led to the recent deaths, and will “exercise their enforcement authority,” MSHA said.

“MSHA is using all of its tools – education and outreach, training, and enforcement – to prevent these accidents,” MSHA chief Joseph A. Main said in the release, adding that improved mine safety requires the combined efforts of operators, miners and trainers.