Safety Tips Ergonomics

Practice good ergonomics

Whether sitting in an office all day or moving material in a warehouse, practicing good ergonomics can help workers stay healthy. If left untreated, ergonomic problems can result in muscle and joint injuries. According to the National Safety Council, factors that contribute to poor ergonomics include working in awkward positions; having a poorly set-up workstation; overexerting yourself when lifting, pushing or pulling; and sitting for too long in one position.

To avoid ergonomics issues:

  • Stretch and walk around regularly; do not remain sedentary.
  • Do not ignore pain. Inform your supervisor immediately if you experience ergonomic discomfort on the job.
  • Refrain from carrying items that are too heavy.
  • Sleep on a quality mattress that supports good posture.
  • Select tools that are ergonomically designed for comfort.

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