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National TV Safety Day: Keep kids safe from tip-over incidents

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Washington — In an effort to increase awareness of the dangers of unsecured TVs and furniture falling on and injuring children, and the proper precautions to take to prevent these incidents, Safe Kids Worldwide has designated Feb. 2 as National TV Safety Day.

Ten children visit emergency rooms each day – and one is killed every three weeks – as the result of a TV tipping over, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, citing data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Additionally, 70 percent of children injured by TV tip-overs are younger than 6 years old.

Safe Kids Worldwide offers parents and caregivers these home safety tips:

  • Secure TVs by mounting flat-screen models to the wall and placing older, box-style sets on a low, stable piece of furniture that can bear more weight. All TVs should be anchored to the wall or a piece of furniture.
  • Anti-tip brackets, braces or wall straps should be used to secure furniture to a wall. Also, stops on dresser drawers can prevent them from being pulled all the way out.
  • Heavier objects should be stored on lower shelves or in lower drawers. Avoid placing toys, remote controls or other items in raised locations where kids might be tempted to climb or reach for them.
  • Recycle old TVs. Go to GreenerGadgets.org to find locations that safely recycle unwanted TVs.