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Apr 23, 2014

West, TX, fertilizer blast was preventable, CSB says

Apr 22, 2014
West, TX – The 2013 deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, TX, was preventable and occurred because of the failure of the company and federal, state and local agencies to identify and correct hazards, Chemical Safety Board Chair Rafael Moure-Eraso said April 22. Read More

Agencies bicker over NIOSH poultry study

Apr 17, 2014
Washington – NIOSH Director John Howard is accusing the U.S. Department of Agriculture of misinterpreting a recent NIOSH study on increased poultry-processing line speeds and the effect on worker safety. Read More

MSHA: Mining deaths up, injuries down

Apr 16, 2014
Arlington, VA – Deaths in the mining industry increased in 2013, but overall injuries declined, according to recently released preliminary data from the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Read More

OSHA schedules informal hearing on crane certification extension

Apr 16, 2014
Washington – Stakeholders are invited to participate in an informal OSHA hearing on May 19 in Washington to discuss a proposal to extend the compliance date for crane operator certification requirements. Read More

Indiana OSHA responds to complaint-triggered federal investigation

Apr 16, 2014
Indianapolis – OSHA’s recent investigation into Indiana’s State Plan program resulted in several “valid observations and useful recommendations,” the state said in its response sent to federal OSHA on April 11. Read More

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Creating a ‘sound’ hearing conservation program

OSHA requires employers to have a hearing conservation program for construction workers whose noise exposure exceeds 90 dBA – but does not provide specifics. Taking into account challenges such as a transient workforce and outdoor environments, what are the most important elements of a hearing conservation program for construction workers?

‘Committed to Zero’

DuPont is the recipient of the 2013 Robert W. Campbell Award, presented annually to an organization that demonstrates how its world-class performance in environmental, health and safety management is linked to its success as a business.

‘Starvation diet’?

The head of Cal/OSHA is denying a former employee’s allegations that the State Plan plays politics with funding – and that worker safety is being jeopardized.

Staying on track

For the first time, the National Transportation Safety Board has placed mass transit operations on its “Most Wanted” list of safety improvements, as recent high-profile incidents spur questions about human behavioral factors and safety culture.

Safety Leadership: Create safety accountability: Overcoming the ‘discipline dilemma’

Discipline is a critical component of high-functioning safety systems. Used in the right way, discipline establishes an organization’s commitment to safety by enforcing the rules and procedures designed to keep people safe.

Washington Update: Letter of the law

During a Feb. 4 hearing of the Workforce Protections Subcommittee, OSHA was accused of exceeding its authority and ignoring congressional mandates. But is the agency simply following the letter of the law?
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OSHA's Top 10: Present and past

December 01
This year’s presentation of the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA violations includes some comparisons with data from previous years.

Were Herbert William Heinrich’s theories valid? Do they still matter?

October 01
Safety professionals generally agree that Herbert William Heinrich had a significant impact on the practice of safety, but whether his influence was positive or negative remains a subject of debate.

25 steps to a safer office

June 01
A job where most of the work tasks are completed while sitting in a chair in a climate-controlled office building would seem less fraught with danger. However, a surprising number of hazards can be present in an office setting.