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February 2015

Volume: 191
Edition: 2

Digital edition


2015 CEOs Who "Get It"

The National Safety Council recognizes nine leaders who demonstrate a personal commitment to worker safety and health
Safety+Health presents Q&As with the 2015 CEOs Who “Get It,” the National Safety Council’s annual recognition of leaders who demonstrate a personal commitment to worker safety and health.
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GHS: The look of things to come

New chemical labeling and Safety Data Sheets will begin shipping June 1 under OSHA’s updated Hazard Communication Standard. Are you ready for the changes?
New chemical hazard labeling and safety data sheets will start arriving at worksites June 1 to comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. The new labels could reveal previously undisclosed hazards – make sure your employees understand the new format, and your chemical safety policy is up-to-date.
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Working (safely) from home

Employers can take steps to help keep teleworkers safe
Telework can offer plenty of benefits for employers and employees alike. But how can companies promote safety for workers who are out of sight, working from a home office? Learn some tips from safety professionals, human resources directors and other telework experts.
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Drowsy driving & worker safety

Truckers and bus drivers aren’t the only workers at risk for driving while fatigued
Truck and bus drivers are not the only workers whose safety and health is threatened by drowsy driving, experts say. Many non-professional drivers in oil and gas, home health care, sales, shift work and other areas also could be put at risk. What can employers do to help?
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Editor's Note: Driving while drowsy

Safety+Health Editor Melissa Ruminski writes about the dangers of driving tired.

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Washington Update: Updating hazcom, again

OSHA may soon update its Hazard Communication Standard to align it with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.
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Safety Leadership: Three things that change when you ‘get’ safety

“Getting” safety includes not just understanding the importance of it, but also having a willingness to personally invest yourself in the process – and that's when three things start to look and feel different.
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All About You: The benefits of practicing friendliness

This month, veteran safety pro turned professional speaker Richard Hawk discusses how being friendly can boost your influence as a safety professional and help build stronger relationships.
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