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January 2015

Volume: 191
Edition: 1

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Keeping linemen safe

Utility workers often face life-threatening hazards to get the job done
Utility linemen face a variety of on-the-job hazards. From high-voltage contact and confined spaces to working at height and exposure to inclement weather, what’s being done to promote a culture of safety within the industry?
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State of Safety 2015

Safety professionals, government agencies and researchers rely on injury and illness data to understand how workers are getting hurt, and to determine where to direct prevention efforts. But is that data accurate?
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Nanotechnology: Being proactive

Companies work to protect employees despite unknowns
Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing industry. But little is known about how nanoparticles affect the health of both the workers who manufacture the products and those who use them.
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Washington Update: The new Congress

The Republicans now have a majority in Congress. But will things be any different than with the previous Congress?
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Safety Leadership: This year, create a safety network

The lone genius is a nice idea, but it isn’t real life. In real life, great visionaries are supported by a wide variety of people who help shape the ideas, build the processes, generate demand and deliver the outcomes.
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All About You: Dealing with professional jealousy and envy

This month, veteran safety pro turned professional speaker Richard Hawk offers his advice on overcoming workplace jealousy and envy.
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