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Readex Blind Survey of Readership, August 2013
††IMS data for calendar 2012-2013
*June 2013 BPA Statements, 2013 Media Kits

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Month Year Page Impressions User Sessions Unique Browsers Unique Browser Frequency Page Duration User Session Duration
February 2015 133,993 65,688 52,348 1.25 02:27 02:33
January 2015 141,740 72,751 58,043 1.25 02:24 02:16
December 2014 108,762 58,285 45,156 1.29 02:21 02:02
November 2014 115,800 61,001 49,222 1.24 02:15 02:02
October 2014 135,960 61,457 48,655 1.26 01:57 02:22
September 2014 130,912 58,286 46,183 1.26 01:53 02:21
1.26 02:12 02:16

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