Respiratory protection


Ductless fume hood

The Purair Advanced P20 Ductless Fume Hood is designed to provide protection when hazardous substances are used.
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Half-mask respirator kit

The Silicone Half-Mask Respirator Kit with GX70 P100 Particulate Filter is the recommended solution for mold, lead paint, asbestos and demolition (when properly fitted, for concentrations up to 10x PEL with half-mask facepieces or 50x PEL with full facepieces that have been quantitatively tested).
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Ductless filtration system

The Vent-Box Ductless Filtration System is designed to protect laboratory personnel from chemical vapors found inside stand-alone chemical safety cabinets.
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Air flow amplifiers

Vortec Air Flow Amplifiers extract smoke and debris to enhance safety, ergonomics and productivity.
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Air shield and welding helmet

The Allegro Deluxe Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet (Blue) is a cost-effective system used by workers at foundries, aluminum plants, mines, chemical plants, refineries, auto manufacturers, and fabricators.
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Workers will experience more comfort, less fatigue and improved productivity with the Allegro EZ AIR PAPR Complete Particulate System, intended for industrial applications in which respiratory, eye and face protection is required.
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