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November 2019 Safety+Health

November 2019

Volume: 200
Edition: 5

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Salary Survey 2019

The results of Safety+Health's 2019 Salary Survey are in, including data broken out by job title, experience, region and more. How does your salary stack up?
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First aid kit requirements

What OSHA and the ANSI/ISEA standard say should be in your workplace kit
Although OSHA's Medical Services and First Aid Standard states that "adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available," the agency doesn't provide a list of required items. Safety+Health reached out to several experts with questions to help workplaces get in compliance.
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Six tips for starting a safety committee

Experts offer guidance
Workplace safety committees don't just help identify hazards – they also serve as a launching pad for new initiatives. "Maybe you're not the decision-maker, but you might have a great idea, and you might be able to bring it to the table," one expert says.
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Speaker Spotlight: Are we using our full intelligence?

“Taking safety and health to the next level can’t be done with intellectual intelligence alone,” says Eldeen Pozniak, director of Pozniak Safety Associates, who discusses why “the more we understand other people and their definitions of the world and safety, the stronger our empathy, self-regulation, motivation and social skills will be.”
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100 Years of Safety+Health

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Every month during 2019, Safety+Health will be sharing bits of the magazine’s history from its first 100 years.

My Story

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Safety+Health readers share how they got into the EHS field