Facility safety


Carpeted entrance mat

The PIG Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mat is a stylish solution to risky and outdated rubber-backed entrance mats that shift, slide and create tripping hazards.
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Loading dock safety gate

The self-closing Dock-Lift Safety Gate is designed to close automatically and lock into place as the lift elevates, forming a barrier for employees on the lift who make the transition from the tractor-trailer to the loading dock or ground level.
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Heavy-duty foam hand cleaner

Solopol GFX, the heavy-duty foam hand cleaner with grit, has earned Green Seal certification under the organization’s rigorous GS-41B standard for industrial and institutional hand cleaners.
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Metal powder recovery system

The Metal Powder Recovery System (AM-MPRS) for additive manufacturing and 3D printing applications provides conveying, screening, recovering and reuse of metal powders, including Stainless Steel, Haynes 282, Inconel and Cobalt Chrome.
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Solar-powered security gates

These completely self-contained solar-powered gates are ideal for short- or long-term use as a security checkpoint or access gate to protect personnel, equipment and restricted areas.
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