Hand protection


Anti-vibration glove series

The Anti-Vibration Series now features six updated ProFlex models and one new model made with an innovative technology for workers exposed to vibrating tools and equipment.
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Nitrile glove

The Microflex 93-850 is a robust single-use glove for protecting workers from chemicals and other harmful exposures.
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Kevlar glove

The SHOWA 4561 Glove boasts cut-resistant 15-gauge Kevlar construction, making it lightweight and stronger than other offerings.
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Safety gloves

Perfect Fit A6 Gloves provide workers with high-quality tactile sensitivity and dexterity for performing precise manual tasks, such as small parts assembly, while preventing cuts and lacerations.
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Heavy-duty foam hand cleanser

Solopol GFX heavy-duty foam hand cleanser with grit quickly removes medium to heavy-duty contamination such as oil, grease and grime from hands without leaving them dry, rough or cracked.
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Single-use work glove

The Powerform S8+ Single-Use Glove features the patent-pending TracTek high-density grip pattern for 200 percent more tactile grip on wet and oily surfaces, and the highest standards in user protection and durability.
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