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Indiana OSHA responds to complaint-triggered federal investigation

Indiana Dept. of Labor

Photo: Indiana Department of Labor

Indianapolis – OSHA’s recent investigation into Indiana’s State Plan program resulted in several “valid observations and useful recommendations,” the state said in its response sent to federal OSHA on April 11.

Federal OSHA investigated allegations that recent administrative changes to Indiana OSHA affected the quality of the program. Concerns were raised last year in a formal Complaint About State Plan Administration regarding the state’s settlement process; its processes for handling safety, health and whistleblower complaints; and IOSHA staff’s ability to meet performance measures.

Federal OSHA determined the allegations were valid and offered 22 recommendations. The findings were forwarded to IOSHA in a Feb. 25 letter. IOSHA has either taken appropriate action based on the recommendations, or was in the process of implementing them, the state agency said in its response to federal OSHA.

An Indiana Department of Labor spokesperson said IOSHA will continue to work on the few remaining issues, and is awaiting a response from federal OSHA.