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A Nudge-led Approach To Hand Safety

Did you know that small changes in the environment can influence safer decisions and promote positive behavior? This theory is a concept in behavioral science that proposes subtle, indirect suggestions can effectively influence the behavior and decision-making processes of individuals and groups.
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Rethinking Reimbursement Programs

This informative guide from Red Wing for Business compares the many advantages of a managed safety footwear program with those of a typical reimbursement program – for both you and your employees.
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The Best-Kept Secret in Custom Safety Supplies

You likely don’t think of “safety” when you think of Amazon Business. Although most people know that the smart business buying solution provides a vast selection of sharply priced work and office supplies, many are surprised to learn that it also carries personal protective equipment and safety supplies from trusted brands such as 3M, Honeywell and MSA, as well as a large selection of Zappos at Work safety footwear.
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Ready to reduce workplace hand injuries?

Every year, millions of workers are injured on the job, and a significant number of reported occupational injuries are hand related. The good news is that hand injuries are the No. 1 preventable industrial incident across all industries.
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