LED lighting

The Appleton Retromaster series of LED luminaires offers a cost-effective option for converting incandescent and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures to LED.
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Rechargeable spotlight

The Waypoint 400 is an updated rechargeable, pistol-grip spotlight that offers up to 1,400 lumens of ultrabright white light with a beam distance of more than 3,700 feet.
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X1 hybrid headlamp

Six different beam modes – turbo, spot and flood, spotlight, floodlight, ultralight, and peripheral floodlights – highlight the X1 model headlamp, which can be used at 650 or 750 lumens.
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Clip-on LED light

Ideal for low-light conditions, the BH-LED 1 can swivel 360 degrees. Its universal attachment method allows it to be used on eyewear, hats, helmets, clothing or any items up to 4 millimeters wide.
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Rechargeable lantern

The Vulcan Clutch has a swivel neck and a 340-degree rotating head to provide up to 1,700 lumens of multidirectional lighting. The lantern can attach to many surfaces with its clamping handle and has a flash mode to draw attention to hazards or mark entrances and exits.
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LED signaling light

Intended for use wherever warnings and information for machines, equipment, rooms or areas need to be displayed, the updated PYRA LED series features an RGB LED with selectable colors available to indicate multiple situations in one light.
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Rechargeable work light

The Syclone Jr. work light can rotate a full 360 degrees and is compact enough to fit into tight spaces. Weighing just 2 ounces, the work light can brighten up to 210 lumens, can run for as long as 8½ hours and is rechargeable via a USB port.
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250-lumen light source

The Survivor X is an updated version of the Survivor right-angle light – now offering 250 lumens. The low-profile light is available as a rechargeable system or in an economical alkaline model, both for use in Division 1 hazardous environments.
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Model XPR-5553G is a rechargeable headlamp with a Class I, Division 1 rating. It features micro USB charging and is ready for use for up to 15 hours on a single charge. The light comes with a zero band mounting kit, as well as a traditional rubber strap and an elastic head headband for maximum versatility.
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LED lights

These LED work lights include “edgeless” models that sport a sleek, modern look. They’re available as both stud-mounted floodlights and as combination spot-floodlight bars in a variety of sizes.
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