Instruments, monitors and lone worker devices

May 2024



Safety software

The Lone Worker Solution is designed to safeguard employees working in isolation by offering comprehensive visibility. It facilitates effective communication through regular check-ins and ensures a swift, reliable automated emergency escalation process.
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Portable gas detector

The ALTAIR io 4 portable gas detector is an intuitive safety solution that features a direct-to-cloud design. The device can help safety managers increase compliance, improve device fleet management and increase visibility into worker safety.
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Personal VOC gas monitor

The Cub 11.7 eV personal VOC gas monitor is worn within the breathing zone to detect volatile organic compounds, keeping users safe in their working environment.
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Multi-gas personal monitor

The Ventis Pro5 can protect workers from up to five gases, manage worker safety from remote locations and simplify team communication. In addition, workers can connect their devices anywhere, anytime with options such as cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite and more.
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Industrial gas detector

The CM-900 series industrial gas detector is designed to measure low oxygen or high carbon dioxide levels to protect employees and staff should unintentional leaks or releases occur.
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Wearable safety monitor

The G7 Lone Worker Monitor keeps workers connected no matter where they are, so help can be on the way in seconds. Equipped with built-in cellular connectivity, the wearable safety monitor streams vital data such as location.
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