State laws I2P2

All workplaces in NY state should have I2P2, Public Citizen says

New York – New York state should amend its workers’ compensation regulation to require all private-sector employers to implement workplace safety and loss prevention programs, watchdog group Public Citizen stated in a report released May 6.

According to the report, workplace injuries in New York’s private sector cost the state economy nearly $11 billion between 2010 and 2012. In addition, almost 90 percent of the state's workplace incidents resulted in at least one day away from work, compared with the national average of 58 percent. Under the state’s current law, only workplaces whose assessed premiums are at least 20 percent higher than average are required to implement workplace safety and loss prevention programs, which are similar to injury and illness prevention programs. The report authors believe the 20 percent threshold is too high and the state legislature should remove it entirely.

OSHA is pursuing a federal standard that would require employers to implement such a program. According to the latest Regulatory Agenda, a notice of proposed rulemaking is expected in September.