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Temp workers in construction need separate OSHA guidance, staffing association says

Washington – OSHA should consider developing separate guidance for the construction industry on best practices pertaining to temporary workers, stakeholders suggested to an advisory committee workgroup that met May 7.

Many of the best practices concerning temporary workers that are listed on OSHA’s website are not necessarily feasible or practical for the construction industry, representatives from the American Staffing Association told members of OSHA’s Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health Temporary Worker workgroup.

ASA, an Alexandria, VA-based trade association, also raised concerns that OSHA inspectors have not been given clear guidance on conducting investigations of temporary workers and staffing agencies.

In addition, the workgroup discussed the need for OSHA to develop bulletins that delve into the responsibilities of the host employer and the staffing industry, as well as educate temporary workers on their rights and responsibilities.

The workgroup meeting was summarized in a handout made publicly available during a May 8 meeting of the full ACCSH committee.