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Say no to distracted driving


Photo: LDProd/iStock/Thinkstock

Cell phone use has become part of the culture we live in, but no phone call or text is worth a life. Using a cell phone while driving – hands-free or handheld – is a dangerous activity. You can miss seeing up to 50 percent of the roadway environment when you are driving and talking on a cell phone. The following are steps to take to help break the habit of using a cell phone while driving:

  • Schedule calls for times when you are not driving.
  • Let people know not to call you when you are driving.
  • Plan your day in advance so you won’t need to make a call while commuting.
  • Change your voicemail to a message stating that if you didn’t answer, you are either busy or driving and will call back.
  • If a ringing phone is too tempting, silence your phone before you drive, or place it in the trunk or glove box.
  • Consider using call-blocking technology when driving.
  • Remember that hands-free devices do not make you safer, as they do not reduce cognitive distraction in the brain.