CDC: Most pool-chemical injuries involve children

Atlanta – Almost 5,000 people visited emergency departments in 2012 because of preventable injuries stemming from pool chemicals, according to a study released May 16 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nearly half of those injured were children and teens, the study states, and more than one-third of the injuries occurred at homes. Researchers found that 72.5 percent of pool chemical injuries took place between Memorial Day and Labor Day, with more than 40 percent of such injuries happening during the weekend.

To prevent pool chemical injuries, CDC advises reading and following directions on chemical product labels, and wearing appropriate safety equipment such as goggles and masks when handling chemicals. Other recommendations include:

  • Secure pool chemicals to help protect people and animals.
  • Keep young children away when handling chemicals.
  • Never mix different pool chemicals, particularly chlorine products with acids.
  • Pre-dissolve pool chemicals only when directed.
  • Add pool chemicals to water, never the reverse.